1% Down-Payment Mortgages


Open to ALL Homebuyers, Not Just First-Time Homebuyers

  • Now, a conventional-loan program where the homebuyer puts down just 1% of the home’s purchase price! In this program, the lender contributes 2%, which is added to the 1% down payment. The homebuyer has 3% equity in their home right from the start!
  • There is NO monthly mortgage insurance to pay—keeping monthly payments low.
  • The interest rate remains low. Monthly payments are less than those for a FHA loan of an equal amount.

This program allows people who lack enough down payment to purchase the home they truly desire now—no time needed to save for a downpayment. For those who do have enough cash for a typical downpayment, it’s a chance to keep their cash in the bank and/or save it for other uses.


Home purchase price: $300,000

Homebuyer puts down 1%: $3,000

Lender adds 2%: $6,000

Total down payment 3%: $9,000

There are NO borrower income limits for this program in the following Colorado counties:

Denver          Arapahoe      Adams           Jefferson       Boulder

Larimer         El Paso           Gilpin             Weld

All other Colorado counties may or may not have annual income limits for the borrower1, depending on the location of the home. If your county has limits, they are generous. For further information, please call or email Command Home Mortgage about the location in which you wish to live.

County home purchase price limits2:

Denver – $508,600             Arapahoe – $508,600         Adams – $508,600

Jefferson – $508,600          Boulder – $545,300            Larimer – $437,200

El Paso – $437,200              Gilpin – $508,600                Weld – $437,200

All Colorado counties have conventional-loan purchase price limits; they range from $437,200 to $655,800. If your county doesn’t appear above, just call or email us about the location and we will provide you with the applicable limits for that county.

1Borrower annual income limits, if they apply, pertain in just the borrower(s), not the entire household.

2Purchase price limits shown here assume a 3% downpayment as shown in the example.