Loan Pre-Approval

JUNE-pre-approval-amazonApply for Pre-Approval and Receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card

If you’re just kicking around the idea of buying a home, or seriously considering it, the first thing you should do is get pre-approved for a loan—here’s why:

  • You will find out how much home you can afford. You’ll know exactly, not just approximately.
  • You’ll make it much easier to buy your new home. You’ll already be approved (not just pre-qualified), and the seller will know it, sometimes making it easier to negotiate a lower price.
  • You’ll discover the very best mortgage(s). Which are best for you and why. No surprises.
  • Closing will be quicker. Once you’ve found your home, we’ll just need to do an appraisal on your new home.

There is absolutely no obligation to get a mortgage and there are no fees to become pre-approved with Command Home Mortgage. What’s more, you’ll receive a complimentary $50 Amazon.com gift card!